Track: Devora – Wild West

Ben Staley

Acclaimed “outlaw pop” artist Devora has released a new single ‘Wild West’, taken from the new EP ‘God Is Dead’ due the 20th January 2023 via Tiger Tone Records.

Speaking on the track, Devora says:

“Wild West is a cinematic journey that, like all good things, starts in a casino. It touches on that classic moment where you’re out with someone and you realise the night is about to take a fierce turn for the worst. It’s that moment when you know that against your better judgment, you probably shouldn’t leave with them, you probably should run while you can….but…don’t you want to live before you die? Being attracted to ‘danger’ and ‘lawlessness’ is the perfect precursor to a night out in a modern Wild West that’s about to turn really savage. I wanted to write about the ultimate “highs” of a night like this, where you feel like you and that person run the city, without realising the price you’ll pay. It’s like watching a car accident in slow motion, your gut is telling you to get out of there but everything feels so perfect in the moment, and I wanted to capture this experience as viscerally as possible.”

Built over an electronic drum beat, the track layers fuzzed up guitars with snappy vocals and a simmering dark energy. It’s cool and slick and a touch different to what’s out there and needs a couple of spins to be truly appreciated.

Check it out, here

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On the full project, Devora recalls:

“This EP is a collection of stories Inspired by true events that paint a picture of a modern Wild West for my generation. It’s a haunting ode to the “dark side” of the American Dream. Gone are the days of the white-picket fences and beauty pageant queens; they’ve left long ago and made way for historical cultural anarchy, non-conformist beliefs and a generation of outlaws just like me.”

“It’s all about peeling back the layers of what is seemingly “perfect” and “polished” symbolically within my generation and American culture, and revealing the dark and twisted complexities that lie beneath in a chaotic and neon-soaked hellscape. Nothing is really ever as it seems, and this EP is an expression of that in musical form.”

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