Premiere: Pezzettino releases new video for ‘Somewhere North of Pescadero’

Pezzettino, aka multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Margaret Stutt, is closing in on her 11th release under that moniker with a 10” EP titled Venus. From it we’re delighted to premiere the new video for the track ‘Somewhere North of Pescadero’ right here on Backseat Mafia.

Of the track, Stutt says “My friend Vivianne and I went camping in Pescadero, CA, and on the drive back up to San Francisco along Hwy 1, we stopped along the side of the road to sit on the cliffside overlooking the Pacific. Most people getting out of cars were couples or families, and I couldn’t help but wonder what my life story will be and if it will involve a partner and family. From the elevated viewpoint of the cliff, overlooking this beach which to my knowledge didn’t have a name, it felt like I had the removed perspective of seeing my whole life from beginning to end. The temperature shifted cool. A few moments before, you could see the horizon where water met sky, but a wave of fog had started to roll in and obscured our entire view– of the horizon, and of the beach itself. It reminded me to not be overly concerned with long-gone past and uncertain future, to not be consumed by anxiety, but to surrender yourself to the present and what is immediately before you.”

There’s a beautiful, stripped back charm about the track, just Stutt’s sweet vocal and this piano that never dominates, just adds an emotive quality that purveys the track. But what’s most affecting is the whole things dreaminess and almost ethereal nature. It’s the sort of song that means as soon as it’s done, you miss it.

Check it out, here

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