Track: L.A.’s Street Joy are back with new single, Wrong Cloud

We’ve long been fans of Los Angeles’ Street Joy. They seem to have a never ending stream of indie rock goodness (greatness even) they put out at seemingly regular intervals. The duo, Jason DeMayo – lead vocal, guitar, bass and  Scott Zimmerman – drums, backup vocal, have returned with another track Wrong Cloud just in time for well, plenty of clouds, especially here in wet and windy England.

As it turns out, its an almost perfect antidote for the horrible weather, full of sunshine. There’s a little bit of XTC and even a touch of the Squeeze in there as well, but this is unmistakably an individual voice rather than being mere copyists. There’s crashy cymbals and picked out guitar accompaniments, and even a bass solo thrown in there for good measure as the boys sing this quirky number in delicious octaves.

Enough to raise your spirits and hark back to warmer times on a night like this. Thank you Street Joy.

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