Track: Claudia Fenoglio Shares Whimsical Warmer ‘Alaska’

Opening with a etherial cacophony, of reverb drenched, guitars, drums and angelic melodies, Claudia Fenoglio’s latest offering ‘Alaska’ wastes no time setting the whimsical, melancholic tone which permeates through the track.

A warming, simplistic, yet affecting and beautiful blend of gently plucked guitars tight boxy drums, silky soft vocals, gently swelling synth and grounding bass, the single has an effortless sense of honesty and emotional depth. As the track progresses introducing it’s floating chorus, some delicate and beautifully placed slide guitar lines and wonderful harmonies, the track builds to a climactic final chorus.

Comparable to the likes of Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus whilst also capturing the same retro, whimsey soaked warmth of Alex Turner’s Submarine soundtrack, the track is a wonderful effort showcasing personal songwriting and a affecting soundscape.

Speaking about the single, Claudi explains: “Alaska was written about risking everything for a person and it not paying off. It’s also about having dreams and plans with someone and them falling through. I became really drawn into the idea of how two people can go through so much together and have such an emotionally charged journey, but being unable to find happiness when everything around them settles. I had also just finished watching the season finale of Killing Eve and so a lot of the lyrics are really inspired by the narrative and imagery surrounding the two main characters from that show. I thought it would be cool to write about what I could see on screen and from a fictional person’s perspective, instead of just about my own feelings. The whole EP is about fearing feeling a certain way forever and Alaska firstly deals with how you can regret someone whilst still missing them.”

Listen below:

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