Track: Sam Fowke – Red Handed

Photo Credit: Eve Slade Photography

Yeah, he’s got a beard, that Sam Fowke. What of it, so loads of those singer songwriter types these days. As well as beard cultivation, the Gloucester-born, Cardiff based musician also likes fine jumpers and long walks on the beach, and probably days when he can combine the three. And I didn’t even make that up, well, apart from the last bit.

He also makes soaring, beautiful Eliza and the Bear sort of song, evidenced by his new single Red Handed. Wrapped up in a tale of deceit and discovery, it ebbs with weighty accompaniment, and flows with delicate passages, with scattered percussion liberally sprayed over the back. And when he reaches his heights, he has the uncanny knack of making the hairs on the back of my neck tingle, just above a fine jumper of my very own.

Feel the tingle, here, and grab it on a free download.

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