Track: Jellies announce news of new EP and share single – ‘So’

California-Sheffield bedroom musicians Adam Van der Veer (Chillian Murphy) and Tommy Wilson announce the release of their new EP Jackie due 9th October via Delicious clam. Having self-released their debut EP ‘Daunt’ in early 2019, the pair collaborate digitally, taking turns on guitar, bass and drums to lend their take on basement noise pop.

Tommy says of new single, ‘So’:

“It had to be the single and the opener because it doesn’t waste any time getting to the point, and it’s just fuzzy and big.

“I liked how there were barely any songs on [Minutemen’s] ‘Double Nickels on the Dime’ over like 2 minutes in length, so we sort of shot for that. I think it’s probably better to say too little than too much.”

“It’s kind of about like when you’re driving along a cliff side and you’re thinking “Should I just drive off?” But you don’t and you should just chill and not think like that.”

The noise of fuzzed up distorted guitars are cut through with the remarkably sweet vocals and a charming guitar solo to end things. ‘So’ took just a few spins before it was under my skin for the rest of the day.

Check it out, here:

Jackie Tracklisting:
Cut it out
House fire

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