LIVE: Northside. Brudenell Social Club, Leeds 17/03/14 + View from the pit gallery

Shall we take a trip down memory lane? …

…Flashback to your days of youth. You’ve been there once, you’re living proof.’

Northside – ‘Shall we Take A Trip’

NS z

Looking around the Brudenell on Thursday night certainly was a trip down memory lane. So much terrace and baggy era retro gear on display you could have been excused in thinking it was a class of 1990 reunion.

And in a way it was. Northside were in town, back together with the original line up. They last played in Leeds in 1991 as support for Happy Mondays at Elland Road, alongside The Farm, Stereo MC’s and The La’s. To this day many people still say they were by far the best act on the day. Twenty three years is a long time, but nobody had forgotten the feel good vibes a Northside concert was capable of producing back in the day. Could it be recreated tonight?

Kicking off with ‘Weight of Air’, Dermo, Cliff, Tim & Paul took to the stage with a familiar swagger and air of confidence. As soon as the track ended the banter started. Dermo engaged with the audience from the off, making people feel more than just mere spectators.

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The crowd were having a good time, the band were having a good time and by the time we got to ‘Funky Munky’ that feel good vibe was starting to creep back into your brain and poke around for the memories.

It might have been 20 plus years since they all last played together, but the band were as tight as if they’d rehearsed every day. Many have said Northside should have been bigger than they were. They were in the right place at the wrong time. Forget all that though, because tonight everyone’s in the right place and at the right time.

Dermo up front, cheeking off the crowd between songs, Tim off to the left playing it cool and moody, Cliff having it large with his bass, and Paul sat at the back of his drums, grinning like a cat that’s got the cream for most of the gig.

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‘Take a Trip’ is a classic baggy tune and provides a mass sing along to close what was a great set. The shutters on the bar may have been down, but the crowd hadn’t had enough and judging by the speed the band returned to the stage for the encore, neither had they.  Dermo thanked the Leeds crowd and signed off the night with ‘Yeah Man’. The floor was littered with empty cans and plastic pint pots but the air was full of energy. It had been a flashback to the days of our youth, and just like back in the day, it was double top! Northside live – HAVE IT!!!

[See below for ‘View from the pit’ gallery]


Weight of Air
A Change is on its Way
Funky Munky
Freak Circus
Tour De World
Practice Makes Perfect
Who’s to Blame?
Wishful Thinking
Lights Out
Moody Places
My Rising Star
Take 5
Shall We Take a Trip?
Yeah Man


View from the pit: (click on any pic to go to the gallery):


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