Track: Hatchie/The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – Sometimes Always (Cover)

When you have Australia’s Queen of shoegaze/dream pop Hatchie joining with US indie pop darlings The Pains of Being Pure at Heart in a cover of The Jesus and Mary Chain‘s iconic ‘Sometime Aways’, your heart is brimmed full of gladness. The fact that 100% of sales from this release on Bandcamp Day this Friday, 5 June  will be donated to The Movement for Black Lives and The Loveland Foundation makes the heart burst.

The original, sung with Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval was released on The Jesus and Mary Chain’s semi-acoustic album `Stoned and Dethroned’, so it is all the more pleasurable to hear this grittier, slightly faster version with beefier guitars.

Harriet Pilbeam, the enormous talent behind Hatchie, says of the release:

it was a dream come true to record this cover of one of my favourite collaborations with one of my favourite artists. I’m so glad it’s finally getting released because it’s extra special to me.

It is extra special indeed – the often dissonant vocals behind the original are replaced by something more expressive and raw, matching the instrumentation to create something rougher hewn and vital:

You can get the single through the link above as well as pre-order the limited ‘Sometimes Always’ 7 inch due June 20th via Double Double Whammy and Heavenly/Ivy League.

100% of sales from this release on Bandcamp Day this Friday, June 5 (midnight EST) will be donated to The Movement for Black Lives and The Loveland Foundation.

The Movement for Black Lives
The Movement for Black Lives Fund supports Black-led rapid response efforts and long-term strategy, policy and infrastructure investments in the movement ecosystem.

The Loveland Foundation
The Loveland Foundation is a non-profit that provides financial assistance for Black women and girls seeking mental health support

Of course you can still get Hatchie’s magnificent debut album ‘Keepsake’ released last year and reviewed by me here.

Feature Photograph: Sophie Hur

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