Track: We Are Temporary – Who’s going to love me now?

“I feel left out by all of the love around. / What absorbs me, holds me in?” questions Brooklyn’s Mark Roberts, aka We Are Temporary in his new single, Who’s going to love me now? Written while separated from his wife, it’s a raw and almost desperate song. Taken from his debut album Crossing Over, out on February 19th via Stars & Letters Records, its the second release from the album following on from ‘You Can Now Let Go’.

Like that, its built on these downbeat synth lines and minimal beats. It’s a genuinely sad and affecting song, the delicate melodic lines offering little hope for the future, or hint at an answer to Roberts’ emotive, almost anguished questioning. It builds to the chorus’, but still sounds melancholy, even when Roberts implores from a higher octave. Like Depeche Mode at their most raw, Who’s going to love me now? is the sort of cry for help it’s almost impossible to ignore.

Listen here.

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