Track: Wasuremono – Self-Help plus tour dates

It’s been a busy few weeks for Bradford-on-Avon quartet WASUREMONO.

Throughout this month, the group have played a handful of dates, including festivals Live at Leeds, Stag and Dagger and The Great Escape with more to follow (see bottom of the post), along with the release of their latest single, “Self-Help.”

Having been spun on Steve Lamacq’s 6 Music show, “Self-Help” was the last track written for the group’s forthcoming album, Are You OK?, due out June 14th via. The Wilderness Records. True to form, it has all the tropes a band of this nature have to warrant the attention they’ve been getting – those semi-slow handclap beats, a chorus of voices slightly fuzzed in the mix.

It’s reminiscent in those regards to Edwards Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros or in more recent years Superorganism. There is a formula (the KLF taught us that years and years ago), it’s just what you do with the formula that’s important.

Thankfully WASUREMONO deviates from it enough that you don’t get that sense of fatigue you may have gotten from the glut of quirky-pop that’s surfaced the past few years. Plus there is a real humble vibe from the track centred around the well being of people.

As William Southward, the evil genius behind WASUREMONO explains, “It’s got a Prince kinda vibe, but with low tuned guitars and gospel-influenced backing vocals, with call and response. The running theme is one of optimism and feeling less alone, but there is also a sense of urgency to this song, of reaching out.”

All I really wanna say, is I wanna help ya.

WASUREMONO are still on the road, playing the following dates:

May 24th – Dot To Dot Festival, Manchester
May 25th – Dot To Dot Festival, Bristol
May 26th – Dot To Dot Festival, Nottingham
June 19th – Sebright Arms, London
July 19th – Bluedot Festival (Main Stage), Cheshire
July 26th – Farmfestival, Somerset

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