Track: Penelope Trappes – Carry Me (Cosey Fanni Tutti remix)

Remix albums seem to fall into two different categories at times.

There is the seemingly avaricious cash grab element where instead of releasing for free or pay-what-you-want on digital platforms for remixes that are just… eurgh…

We’ve all picked up one of those remix albums. Or “bonus track” digipacks if you were a metal fan in the late ’90s.

Then there are remixes that can complement the original composition or recreate into a completely different work. I touched upon that with FARAI earlier this week.

I’m also happy to announce Penelope Trappes’ Redeux is sounding like it’s going to be in that same vein/category.

Of course, when Throbbing Gristle‘s Cosey Fanni Tutti is involved in the reworking of a track, on paper it’s already a fascinating prospect.

“Carry Me” is a darkened, industrialized piece of what I could maybe describe as trip-hop. It’s sonic cement – a phrase that doesn’t sound appealing at all.

But when you think about cement – harsh, brutalist, but sometimes with a beauty when it’s used correctly – it becomes pretty apt for the track in question.

Redeux also boasts some very strong musicians reworking Trappe’s original pieces that appeared on Penelope Two. Mogwai, Poppy Ackroyd (Hidden Orchestra), Paul Corley just some names to cherry pick from the album.

It’s a “thinking person’s” remix album – and therefore, elicits a lot of interest when its full form emerges June 7th via. Houndstooth.

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