Exclusive: ZO:NA Drops an Exclusive Takeover mix for Backseat Mafia ahead of their Girare a piedi EP

For the release of the ‘Girare a piedi‘ EP (out 25.11 on Rollover Milano Records) we are delighted to present a Takeover Mix from ZO:NA

Bio: Pierantonio Gualtieri (iltoro) and Guglielmo Prati (dove quiete) formed ZO:NA in Milan and mix different cultures and backgrounds into transgressive sounds focused on the dance floor. Both are creative free spirits who head out on a shared path with a simple goal: to throw out discomfort and turn it into dance music. They make slow techno with meaningful dialogues of voices full of honesty and obscurity. Their sound is equally apocalyptic and ecstatic as proven across these two powerful cuts.

The Mix: This mix represents our Milanese family. All the songs were produced by us and by the people who gravitate around our studio. Most are unreleased songs. This mix is a stream of nocturnal creativity born during the dark and foggy nights of Milan.

Check it out on the Backseatmafia Mixcloud & Soundcloud accounts below:

0.00 ZO:NA – Io non Ballo sulla Techno (Rollover Milano Records)
5.54 ZO:NA – reboot humanity
6.50 iltoro – kill me softly
11.35 ZO:NA – fuori regola (unreleased)
16.00 Antonio Ponti / iltoro – the choice
22.00 iltoro – choose free
28.10 Neva Coric / Iltoro – sugar free
33.00 Neva Coric / Iltoro – after eight
35.35 iltoro – other words
39.56 iltoro – DMT ( all the feel is gone )
44.45 Dove Quiete / Iltoro – techno eagle (unreleased)
46.50 Dove Quiete – nube (unreleased)
49.00 Antonio Ponti / Iltoro – sezioni interne (unreleased)
52.20 ZO:NA – Girare a Piedi con il Vento (Rollover Milano Records)

Girare a piedi EP

This Italian pair kick off with ‘Girare a piedi con il vento’ which is described by the pair as “a community song to liberate the ego the frustration and dance to the rhythm of techno.” It is a gritty post-apocalyptic club sound. The drums are heavy, with blasts of filthy bass, jumbled DIY percussive sounds and an intimidating male vocal, courtesy of the artist sodapop. The scuzzy pads and dark wave synths add to the intensity of this soot-black backroom chugger. ‘Io non Ballo sulla Techno’ was recorded in a live performance, at night, in a forest and is “a cathartic moment that represents the power of music and improvisation.” It is another mid-tempo chugger with angelic vocals from Beiza offering a counterpoint to sodapop’s tribal male voice and the weighty kicks and bass. It’s bleakly theatrical with intoxicating strings drawing you in deep to this shadowy sound. Instrumental versions are also included and become even more moody and claustrophobic and scuzzy club cuts of the sort an ALFOS crowd would love. This is an epic debut from ZO:NA who prove they have already found a unique signature sound.


  1. Girare a piedi con il vento
  2. Io non Ballo sulla Techno
  3. Girare a piedi con il vento (Instrumental)
  4. Io non Ballo sulla Techno (Instrumental)

Available at: Girare a Piedi Ep | ZO:NA | Rollover Milano Records (bandcamp.com)

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