LISTEN: LOCK SHOCK – Reclaim Vienna surprise single

LOCKDOWN hasn’t been all bad: we all have friends who’ve suddenly been able to invest time in hobbies and develop themselves, beit gardening, painting or writing. All that extra time has lead to a bout of creativity.

And such is the case for 42 Records’ septet Reclaim Vienna who, trading demos remotely, found they had hit upon a tune that they just needed to release as a single – immediately!

Knocked into shape quickly by producer Ben Booker, the label was able to get out within days of it landing.

“Modern Times” sees the band blending the very best of pristine 80s’ pop melodies – think A-Ha or early OMD – with of-the-minute lyrical content, as lyricist Danny Smith explains: “Modern Times was written in frustration and anger at certain elements in the world currently, particularly in England. It’s about people having opinions based on no evidence and worse, having social media to share them on.”

Modern Times is out now as a digital single on all good download platforms via 42 Records

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