Say Psych: Interview & Exclusive Album Stream: Centrum – För Meditation

There is definitely something in the air in Scandinavia that makes for a constant stream of fresh psychedelic talent, this week ahead of the release of their debut LP För Meditation, we caught up with members of Centrum to find out more about them and what we can expect from the album. We are also fortunate to offer you an exclusive stream of the album in full before anyone else.


Q – Firstly, tell us a little bit about yourselves and/or the band? We believe you have links to lots of other bands, is that right?

A – Yes well we are members from Hills and Weary Nous plus other friends and yes you are right in assuming we have links to other bands as well. I am a bit afraid to mention what bands though haha


Q – It’s an unusual name, is their meaning behind it?

A – guess if your English it sounds a bit unusual. In Swedish maybe not so much. The thing is that we were going for Centrum För Meditation initially, because it kind of explains what we set out to do but then that is a bit long. So we settled for Centrum and calling the album För Meditation. Also I think it can signify the absolute core or centre of stuff which is cool. The essence.

Q – How about inspirations, musically or otherwise?

A – Inspired by loads of stuff. Above all the human condition, our nature and mind, what that is and means and certain ancient teachings on that subject. Then loads of books of course. This record is Inspired by the travels we have done to India. People we meet. Music of course. Love Inspired by life and death. Above all death is a big inspiration in the sense that that’s were we end up. All of us. Rich or poor or in-between. No exceptions. How do we prepare for that ? That is central in this album.


Q – Tell us about the new record, where was it recorded, who was involved etc?

A – We recorded it on our 16 track tape machine the way we have always done it and the sound is really great. We put a lot of effort into getting the right production. Heavy, primitive and ancient. I also think its sounds fresh also and that probably has to do with that it is arranged around the Harmonium instead of the usual guitars or organs or whatever as we tried to move away a bit from the traditional instrumentation.. And of course the sounds and field recordings of dark woods, charnel grounds, old spirits that can be heard throughout also add I think.  We are super content with the sound and vibration within this album. Hopefully listeners will hear and appreciate this too. And I think this album will appeal to all fans of Hills also no doubt.


Q – How did you come to work with Rocket Recordings?

A – We are friends since way back. But do not forget this is a joint release with SPA label (Denmark) who are very good friends also they will have a limited version up for sale (includes hand made patch) from their website. Do not snooze! We will also have a super limited version for sale from our website which will hopefully be up and running soon. Apart from the handmade patch our version will include lyrics sheet more artwork and an instruction of how to best enjoy Centrum. People can just get in touch if they think this sounds interesting.


Q – Any plans to tour on the back of it?

A – If there is an interest we will tour. Definitely!


Q – The Scandinavian scene is really exciting right now, do you have any recommendations for the BSM readers?

A- Yes I think Fire! is a great band so go check them out.


Q – And finally, how would you sum up your sound in one sentence for the uninitiated?

A – DevotionalDroneFolkDeath or HashishHeavy or Heavy Love


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