Premiere: Brisbane’s enigmatic Spring Skier unveil the gorgeously evocative dream pop track ‘Don’t Forget’

We are very honoured to premiere the statuesque and elegant dream pop track ‘Don’t Forget’ from Brisbane band Spring Skier. Soaked in an astral seventies sheen with dual melodies and harmonies that recall bands like Bread, 10CC or The Corgis, this is wide, expansive music that positively sparkles. The lush instrumentation, indelible melodies and an air of poetic magnificence serve to illuminate the melancholy in the vocals, creating a dreamy pop glow.

Spring Skier are duo Remy Boccalatte and Kane Mazlin who manage to create something with a massive orchestral sweep as wide and as immersive as the cloudless Queensland skies. While touched with a bittersweet taste, the song is euphoric and uplifting, achingly beautiful.

The accompanying video reflects the sense of poignancy: shots of puppetry shows imbued with pathos and nostalgia. It is a strange phenomena that marionettes seems to be palimpsests for our emotions: we imprint on their wooden features our own stories and emotions while they are manipulated at the hands of unseen forces:

This is impossibly beautiful music – baroque and pastoral. ‘Don’t Forget will be available on Sunday, 18 July 2021 through the band’s Bandcamp page here and through all the usual download/streaming sites.

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