Track: The Electorate – Decades in a Day

The Electorate - L-R - Joshua Morris, Eliot Fish anhd Nick Kennedy. The single Decades in A Day is the next single from the forthcoming debut album You Don’t Have Time To Stay Lost.

The Electorate have individually quite a pedigree and yet little history. The band played together in their twenties without recording, and individual members have played with the legendary Peter Milton Walsh of the Apartments, and recorded recently with The Apartments as well as playing with a range of Australian bands including Big Heavy Stuff, Knievel and Imperial Broads. And one even designed the creative album cover for the recent Even As We Speak album ‘Adelphi’.

It’s no surprise then when these guys finally get together and record, something , it’s going to be pretty impressive, and impressive indeed is their new single ‘Decades in a Day’. Like a fine wine maturing, the years of development and gestation have produced some vintage Australian indie.

The genetic imprint of classic antipodean indie rock, distilled from the genes of The Go-Betweens, The Chills, The Bats and, of course, The Apartments are present – a low-fi delicacy, a sense of vulnerability and a self-deprecatory lyricism reflecting the raw tones of everyday life. According to the band, ‘Decades in a Day’:

is a song in two voices-part conversation and part confession. It’s a song about being a kid, and being a parent, and where those lines cross, and where they split. It’s a tribute to being in the comfort of your own room and being wrapped up in a song you love. It also peeks into the hope and doubt of parenthood, and looks at letting go, after so many years of holding hands, making lunches, rumbling and walking barefoot over Lego pieces.

It is an exquisite, painfully self-aware expression of the changing pace of life. And packed full of pure melody:

You can get the single here or direct from the band through the link below:

An album – ‘You Don’t Have Time To Stay Lost’ – is on its way on 11 September 2020 – pre-orders available here. Stay tuned – it is brilliant.

The Electorate is Nick Kennedy, Eliot Fish and Josh Morris.

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