Film Review: Two Heads Creek

Australia’s rugged terrain and host of dangerous and deadly wildlife has inspired numerous stories of survival and terror. For someone who lives in a temperate climate the sheer heat, barrenness and isolation of much of the country is a little overwhelming. Not to mention the propensity of the animal population towards murder. However, as Wake in Fright so chillingly illustrated, ‘Down Under’ can hold many dangers for an unsuspecting Englishman. Jesse O’Brien’s new film, Two Heads Creek, delves into this darkness.

After the death of their mum, an unassuming butcher (Jordan Waller) and his diva-like twin sister (Kathryn Wilder) discover that they were actually adopted. Having little going for them in England they decide to travel to Australia in order to track down their birth mother. They arrive in the rural Queensland town of Two Heads Creek to find a community which has seen better days. One which seems to be hiding a dark and dangerous secret.

Whilst Two Heads Creek doesn’t reinvent the wheel or tread any new ground within the genre, it’s a glorious irreverential mix of unapologetic comedy and brutal horror. Don’t expect much subtlety though. Much of the humour is blunt and old-school. Maybe not for the faint of heart. However, there’s a lot of clever writing and direction here, with a lot going on under the bonnet. Not to mention an eye for an iconic shot, and when the blood comes it’s thick and fast. Sit back, open a tinny or five and enjoy the fun.

FrightFest Presents and Signature Entertainment present Two Heads Creek on Digital HD September 7th

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