EP: Destrends – Wastelands

Destrends have produced an explosive post-punk EP that recalls an eighties Australian post-punk mentality epitomised by bands like Midnight Oil and Spy Vs Spy: vibrant, passionate and intelligent, danceable and thrashy. Added to this is a level of theatricality and attitude leavened by an inherent larrikin sense of humour.

Opening track, ‘Missing People’ sets out the fare perfectly. It’s a fast paced missile with sneering vocals and a thumping rhythm section, a resounding chorus with harmonies and biting lyrics:

Glorious stuff.

‘Wasteland’ has an addictive jagged guitar and a sky-high chorus – a melodic delight. Third track ‘Peaches’ highlights the sense of humour in this band – shouty, irreverent, slightly nonsensical. I am reminded of early Split Enz – jagged, antithetically brittle yet muscular.

Final track, ‘Medications’ is superlative melodic punk thrash and the video captures the band in apocalyptic Mad Max type gear – it’s over the top theatre of the best kind that manages to be frighteningly prescience about life at the moment, given it was released in late 2019. And it indicates an intelligent political undercurrent in the lyrics.

This is really fresh, pulse-raising and delightful guitar rock: melodic, outrageous and daring. One of the most enjoyable things I’ve heard recently.

Out today (1 May 2020) through Bread and Butter Records, you can download/stream the EP here. Destrends are Matt Savage, Billy Watts and Liam Burgan.

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