Track: Prudence – Heart Sways

If you caught Australian act DMA’s brilliant live performance live at the Brixton Academy in the UK, streamed twice over the past few days, you might have noted bass player Tom Crandles modestly driving the rhythm at the back of stage. Crandles is in fact a talented multi-instrumentalist and songwriter in his own right and has his own band project under the name Prudence.

Prudence has just released a very nice track called ‘Heart Sways’ which displays Crandles’s multi-facetted skills. It is a dreamy reverb-soaked delight – floaty and shimmering – with sharp splashes of guitar in a dream-like reverie. Crandles’s voice is distant and almost disengaged, adding a yearning contrast to the lush music, and lifted by harmonies.

‘Heart Sways’ is gorgeous, layered and hypnotic with a melancholic undertone, perfectly captured by renown photographer Luke McLean Stephenson in the accompanying video:

According to Crandles, Prudence began to take shape initially as a fresh song-writing project, self-recorded in prized moments of solitude across hotel rooms in Europe whilst on the frenetic touring schedules of other bands. Now, back home in Sydney and with pianist Aleesha Dibbs (Divebell, Lorelei), bassist Kat Harley (The Laurels, Mezko) and drummer Steve West (Obscura Hail) joining the fold, Prudence has evolved from a bedroom recording project into a fully realised band.

You can download/stream the single from all the usual sites.

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