Album: Heidrunna releases debut album ‘Melodramatic’


The Breakdown

Heidrunna reinterprets the 80s for a contemporary audience, serving up a delectable array of electro pop songs.

Icelandic songstress, Heidrunna has announced the release of her debut album on 21 April. Working with producer Liam Howe, whose portfolio includes Lana Del Rey, MARINA, FKA twigs and Ellie Goulding, the duo have taken inspiration from 80s pop but reimagined it for the 2020s.

Stream ‘Melodramatic’ HERE.

The album kicks off with ‘Borderline’ – not the Madonna song, but an original by Heidrunna. It’s got a great beat and some 80s-inspired synths with Heidrunna’s charming Icelandic accent adding to the appeal. ‘Love Don’t Come Easy’ makes you want to reach for your DayGlo spandex and scrunchies and head out to the disco.

‘Daydreamer’ is a slower love song in which Heidrunna sings about a a broken relationship, the keyboards add a plaintive sadness to this track. ‘Erasing You’ is upbeat pop with Heidrunna seemingly drawing on her Scandinavian roots and channelling ABBA to great effect on this song. You half expect Anna-Frid and Agnetha to join in on the chorus.

‘No Valium’ is a bit of a departure from the earlier tracks, with its use of an acoustic guitar it’s a beautiful song with a catchy chorus and some great harmonisation. Next up is ‘Call It Melodramatic’ which is upbeat, yet moody in which Heidrunna sings about not having any dopamine. She might not have any of that neurochemical, but this track is pure pleasure.

‘You Can Go Your Own Way’ starts off with just Heidrunna’s voice accompanied by an electric guitar, when the keyboards kick in though, the song morphs into a sunny pop confectionary, despite the sad subject matter.

‘Cindy’ has Heidrunna singing in her native language, it’s a dance banger featuring some nifty keyboard hooks. The song was written as a homage to Cindi Lauper and I’m sure that La Lauper would approve. ‘You Make Me Feel’ features some awesome synth and beats and showcases Heidrunna’s voice to great effect.

The title of the final song on the album ‘All Cried Out’ references a track by another iconic 80s artist, just like the first one did. This time it is a nod to Alison Moyet’s classic 1984 release. Heidrunna’s ‘All Cried Out’ is a ballad about losing love, there is sparse instrumentation compared to the other tracks on the album, it’s a perfect final song for the album and a night out at the disco.

‘Melodramatic’ is a great album that borrows from the best of the 80s to deliver a contemporary electro pop album packed with dance floor bangers.

Melodramatic Tracklist

  1. Borderline
  2. Love Don’t Come Easy
  3. Daydreamer
  4. Erasing You
  5. No Valium
  6. Call It Melodramatic
  7. You Can Go Your Own Way
  8. Cindy
  9. You Make Me Feel
  10. All Cried Out

Album artwork and single covers were designed by fashion illustrator Julia Verhoeven who has had works widely exhibited including showings at the V & A and The Hayward.

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