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Track: Priest – The Lost Lions (EP)

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Track: Tove Styrke – On the Low, plus album and tour news

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See: Polychrome – Final Kiss Video, plus album and tour news

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Holly Hebe has graced these pages a few times – her collaboration with Ivoris and Zhuli in the track ‘Supervillain‘ earlier this year was a pop delight, and her single last year ‘I Tried to Give You Ways To Love Me‘ was a dreamy reverie. Hebe has now released her debut EP ‘Party Mix’, and …

Bambie Thug brought their Dance electro pop (I’d add in a little pinch of Goth and Trap Metal here also) to Whelan’s upstairs venue to a modest crowd playing songs like P.M.P / Necromancy / Kawasaki / Headbang (their latest single) and more! They only recently played a sold out show at The Great Escape …

A few short weeks ago, Confidence Man shared a Tame Impala remix of their summer anthem, ‘Holiday’ on which Australia’s masters of all things psychedelic stretch and flex the original, then add a thumping bass drum to create a gorgeously laidback trippy house track that should extend the holiday season for a few months yet. Talking about the remix, Confidence …

Things are getting mighty crowded in the global beats compilation racks at the moment. Every week seems to bring on another collection of lost gems, quirky genres, tantilising back stories or classy kitsch and here’s one more that might tempt you. Except Síntesis Moderna: An Alternative Vision Of Argentinian Music 1980-1990, set for release via …

Wallis Bird

Wallis Bird’s ‘Hands’ is a deeply personal album with universal themes of love, understanding and compassion.