EP: Bec Sandridge Releases New EP ‘Lost Dog’

Bec Sandridge

Bec Sandridge released their new EP, ‘Lost Dog’ earlier this month. The EP includes the previously-released ‘Cost Of Love’ an upbeat banger that reimagines Shania Twain and Sheena Easton for a new generation. Also included is ‘The Jetty’ which has a really interesting back story.

Apart from the tracks that were released earlier, ‘Lost Dog’ includes a new song, ‘Easy To Go Bad’ as well as an awesome remix of ‘Cost Of Love’.

“I was a bit of a lost dog, myself and I also lost my dog. This EP is a snapshot of that time. The goal was to take time and write my best songs to date… On my debut record, I felt that I hadn’t gone as far as I could in terms of angularity and the whole gloss-pop thing. I wanted to really sit in that pocket… To me, this lot of songs feels like driving into a sunset, no sunglasses, with an ache in the pit of your stomach (potentially a hangover): it’s sickeningly beautiful, temporarily blinding and also, signifying the end of a big ol’ chapter. “

Bec Sandridge

On ‘Easy To Go Bad’ Sandridge again shows their impeccable pop sensibilities, despite the rather dark subject matter, the new song will get the dance floor pumping.

“This one’s about the trick of nostalgia. It’s far too easy to go back to something that feels like home… Nonetheless, this is potentially my favourite on the EP. For me, it embodies that disgusting feeling of being trapped in a stuffy-car, all day, with a stomach ache.”

Bec Sandridge

In 2019 Bec Sandridge released their debut album ‘TRY + SAVE ME’ spawning the singles ‘Animal’, ‘I’ll Never Want A BF’, ‘Eyes Wide’ and ‘Stranger’ which scored second place in the International Songwriting Competition Unsigned Category judged by Tom Waits, Dua Lipa and Chris Martin. Last year Sandridge composed the soundtrack for theatre production ‘Ishmael’ which premiered at Brisbane Festival at QPAC and opens next month at the Sydney Opera House.


‘Easy To Go Bad’

‘Cost Of Love’

‘The Jetty’


‘Cost Of Love – DENIM Remix’

Stream ‘Lost Dog’ HERE.

Feature Image Photo Credit: Will Edgar

EP artwork by Sam Brumby, editing Giulia McGauran

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