Live Gallery: Fever All Through the Night – Fever Ray Heats Up Sydney Opera House 05.06.2024

Fever Ray

The Sydney Opera House, bathed in the electric hues of Vivid 2024, has been a feast for the senses, and tonight’s main course is none other than Fever Ray.

From the haunting synth beats of The Knife to the ever-evolving pop landscapes of their solo projects, Swedish avant-garde maestro Karin Dreijer – known to the world as Fever Ray – has blazed an unyielding trail through the labyrinth of 21st-century electronic music. Now, after two decades of pushing the boundaries of techno pop, this visionary artist is finally making their highly anticipated Australian debut tonight.

Fever Ray emerged on the music scene as one half of the groundbreaking Swedish electronic duo The Knife, co-founded with their brother Olof Dreijer in 1999. Their sound was an audacious blend of experimental beats and dark, pulsating rhythms.

In 2009, Fever Ray released their debut, self-titled solo album. This was followed by ‘Plunge,’ which was released in 2017. Last year, Fever Ray made a powerful statement with ‘Radical Romantics,’ a masterful blend of their unique sound and the collaborative genius of Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, and their brother Olof.

There is a buzz of anticipation in the Sydney Opera House as we await Fever Ray’s appearance. The stage, set to transform into a canvas for Karin Dreijer’s spectral synth beats and avant-garde visuals, promises a night of feverish enchantment. As the lights dim, a hush falls over the hall and Fever Ray steps onto the stage, cloaked in an oversized suit reminiscent of David Byrne’s iconic look. The performance space is a fever dream, with backup singers weaving and twisting around a glowing lantern, The musicians are all female – Dreijer has spoken about their commitment to hiring only women or non-binary individuals whenever possible, aiming to challenge and reshape the male-dominated landscape of the music industry.

Fever Ray’s movements are twitchy and erratic and their grin is maniacal and they’re staring, always staring, seemingly straight at you. Each element is meticulously crafted to pull you deeper into their surreal world. At the start of the show, the crowd sits quietly, soaking in the music. But it doesn’t take long before clusters of people rise, dancing with abandon. In no time, the venue morphs into a pulsating disco, the energy electric. From my vantage point, I catch a glimpse of Fever Ray’s eyes—there’s a glint of satisfaction, a shared joy in the transformation they’ve sparked.

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