LFF Review: Honeymood

Marriage is a contract full of rituals, many of which have been passed down through countless generations. If you have a religious wedding, the customs and practices you undertake can hark back to the (relevant) holy book itself. However, whilst virginity is often now no longer the fabled pre-requisite of such unions, the wedding night still plays a central role in the festivities. As it does in Talya Lavie’s new comedy, Honeymood.

Eleanor (Avigail Harari) and her new husband Noam (Ran Danker) are high on life as they enter their luxury hotel suite. However, her happiness rapidly subsides when she discovers his ex has secretly given him a ring. Determined to return it without delay, they head out into the night to find her. However, as the newlyweds travel across Jerusalem to carry out a seemingly simple task, they become embroiled in a number of capers.

Honeymood is a matrimonial odyssey which takes numerous twists and turns along the way. As viewers, we’re never afforded enough time to get comfortable, as the pair stumble from one situation to another; together or alone. Some set-ups work better than others, but Lavie builds up a picture of the complex relationships we embroil ourselves in. Honeymood uses humour and quasi-fantasy to tell a captivating story of a newly married couple.

Honeymood screens at London Film Festival until 11 October.

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