Live Review: Teenage Dads – Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds – 27.05.24

Australian indie up-and-comers Teenage Dads brought their tour to Leeds last week, and gave a performance that stamps their mark on the scene and promised big things for the future.

The band are mid-tour as they arrive in Leeds, having played in the US, around the UK before heading off into Europe before a well earned break back home. 

The Melbourne based quartet consist of Jordan Finlay on lead vocals, keys and guitar, Connor McLaughlin on guitar, Angus Christie on bass with Vincent Kinna holding it all together on drums. Each has a unique look and character on stage but it melds together into a brilliant whole when the music starts.

Walking on stage to the sound of Guru Josh’s Infinity, it already felt like we were in for a show that was outsized for the confines of Hyde Park Book Club’s basement. 

What followed was a very well constructed set that was delivered with impeccable sound. It’s not always the easiest room to get right but as the band told me after the show, “our soundie is great at wrangling even the shittiest of rooms!” For the record, the Book Club is far from the shittiest of rooms, but nevertheless, the sound was on point.

For the most part, the band let the music do the talking, but when they do talk to the crowd, the stories are delivered with typical Aussie charm and wit. Take the story of life on the road and either having too many or not enough “socks and jocks”. Word has it that Angus had so many last time he was here, he posted some back to Australia. As a tribute to the quality of the postal service, there is a full length cover of the theme tune to kids classic Postman Pat.

Frequently, you’ll find a cover in the sets of up and coming bands, I expect few will match the stylish cover of The Buggles’ Video Killed The Radio Star which preceded a polished crescendo to the set.

As the gig started, the crowd of around 60 or so were spaced out through the small room, but as the set progressed, the crowd instinctively drew together and moved forward as the rising atmosphere took hold. 

Indeed, the final four songs meant that the crowd left on a high. Cowboy, complete with finger guns pointed and fired all around the room, whipped the crowd up before the closer – Diego – gave us probably the best vocal of the night. 

There’s a high proportion of the crowd that stick around to chat with the band after the show, and they’re happy to stay for as long as it takes. It’s clear they’ve enjoyed it just as much as everyone else in the room and they’re revelling in the moment. 

I’d expect there to be many more nights like this, for a band (and a Soundie!) that really know how to deliver a high quality show.

Set list:
Tale of a Man
I Like It
Exit Sign
Boarding Pass
Piano Girl
Midnight Driving
Video Killed The Radio Star

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