News: Joshy Connor Releases Genre-Blurring Album ‘Love Unknown’

South-East London-based singer-songwriter Joshy Connor marks his much-anticipated return to the music scene with the release of his genre-blurring album, ‘Love Unknown’. Officially launched on 22nd May, the album weaves together elements of folk, pop, and neo-soul, showcasing Connor’s unique ability to blend diverse musical influences into a cohesive and captivating sound.

Joshy Connor has been a fixture in the UK music scene for over a decade. His debut album, ‘Running’, released in 2011, quickly established him as a promising talent within the singer-songwriter community. Over the years, Connor has maintained his presence with a series of singles, two EPs, and his previous album, ‘Chronicles’. His music has attracted attention from major platforms, including the BBC, and he has performed across the UK, continually expanding his fan base with each new release.

Despite taking a hiatus from music, Connor’s creative spirit never waned. His latest project, ‘Love Unknown’, began as a series of poems written amidst personal milestones, the pandemic, and his entrepreneurial pursuits. Reflecting on this period, Connor shares, “I found myself unexpectedly writing and recording an album. Amidst the busyness of life—managing a small business, fatherhood, and all that entails—I have struggled to find time for songwriting over the past few years but started to read a lot, and try to write, poetry instead, which I could do in any moments that I had spare.”

‘Love Unknown’ encapsulates Joshy Connor’s signature style, characterized by elegant guitar lines and soulful vocals. Released on May 22nd, the album is a testament to his versatility, drawing on a rich tapestry of genres including folk, jazz, electronic, and neo-soul. Connor describes his creative process, saying, “My motivation for making music remains rooted in my deep love for it. I am happiest when playing, recording, or writing music. This album draws on a diverse range of influences, including folk, jazz, electronic, and neo-soul. Each track, I hope, brings something different whilst being centred around memorable tunes and intricate guitar parts.”

The album features collaborations with Brazilian producer and multi-instrumentalist Murillo Sguillaro (The Beatflux, Muca & La Marquise, The LABRIT Project, Alice SK), who contributed both production expertise and guitar work on several tracks. Another key collaborator was Seb Kellig (The Nix), adding depth to the album’s soundscapes. Connor emphasized the beauty of simplicity in his approach to the album, focusing on intricate harmonies and melodies. He reflects, “I enjoyed the challenge of writing poems and, in the latter half of 2023, began setting some of these poems to music, resulting in the creation of my album. During the writing process, I aimed for simplicity, clarity, and minimal production, which presented its own enjoyable challenges.”

Among the eleven tracks on ‘Love Unknown’, ‘Wild’ and ‘Truth’ have already been released as singles, offering a glimpse into the album’s rich, eclectic sound. ‘Truth’ blends complex percussion and electronic elements with folk-inspired guitar riffs, while the yet-to-be-released ‘Lighthouse’ exudes a neo-soul atmosphere with its soulful synths and slick guitar lines. Tracks like ‘North’ and ‘What To Do’ highlight Connor’s softer side, featuring emotive lyrics and beautiful melodies that seamlessly blend into the guitar work.

‘Love Unknown’ is a masterful demonstration of Joshy Connor’s ability to fuse various musical styles, resulting in an album that is as diverse as it is cohesive. Each track offers a unique facet of his artistry, making for a truly captivating listening experience.

Listen below:

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