Track: The Band Repent – Unbreachable

Thrash metallers The Band Repent are sharing a new track, ‘Unbreachable’. The band have been in the studio after having their live shows halted due to Covid. This comes ahead of the bands EP which is due later this year.

Jeremy Amack comments:

“The song Unbreachable is a Biblical story of utter destruction, where the ancient fortress of Jericho was surrounded by the Israeli army for seven days. Upon the seventh day the Israeli army shouted at the walls of the fortress, causing them to collapse. They entered the city and killed every one of the inhabitants. This song is represented through the eyes of the citizens of Jericho.”

Some good old fashioned head banging to be had here. The vocals are a harsh whisper that sound menacing on their own never mind the huge metal riff underneath. Catchy guitar work and some fantastic drumming that drives the track melt away during the interludes of spoken word, until another wave of the metal assault rises again. After blowing us away with previous single ‘War’ the band are back this brilliant slice of thrash metal.

Check it out, here

Find out more about the band via their Facebook

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