Live Review: Naked Lungs / Floor show – The Workmans Club Cellar, Dublin 26.03.2022

Opening tonight are Floor Show a Dublin shoegaze four piece, think  Portishead / My bloody Valentine with some dream pop influenced sound added in.
Tonight Jessi (lead vocals) stands centre stage and for most the night stares straight ahead as if looking into some distant dreamy universe and every now and then the only real movement from her is a head turn to the right, but every now and then a little smile can be seen breaking that dreamy stare.
The band have two single’s under their belts and plans for a third release in June.

Floor Show.

Tonight headliners are DIY Noise/Post-Punk/Shoegaze outfit Naked Lungs. Now there’s a lot of Post Punk flying around these days and like all trends some’s good and some’s not so good. Well these guys are good! and ones to watch. They have been steadily building themselves a following with a number of support slots with bands like Bullet Girl / Enola Gay and tonight its their turn to headline.
Front man is a force to be reckoned with losing himself completely in the sound right from the start, oooh and his hair as don’t expect to see to much of Tom’s (lead singer) face as you can see its lost in his mop of curls for the night and all the can be seeing is a mic coming from this bush.
You knew right from the start that a mosh pit was going to start in this small tight venue and yes it did and one of the great things tonight to see was that the ratio of female Mosher was higher to the male
keep this going both band and fans.
I’m not going to go through song by sang as setlist is picture, only to say that the bands first single feature second from the end Database, said single was produced by Daniel Fox of Gilla Band.
There was another release before this that being a live-recorded of Second Song, but I think the release of Database is going to be this bands real starting point and from now can see these guys grow.

Naked Lungs.

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