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Sarah Mary Chadwick has one of those voices that are soaked in emotion, balanced on a gritty and whiskey-soaked knife edge yet so sweet and mesmerising: fragile yet ever so strong. In the vein of Patty Smith or P.J. Harvey, her songs are poetic and personal. ‘Sugar Still Melts in the Rain’ is the title single off Chadwick’s new album due out on 11 May and it is a lit fuse – sparking and smoldering, ready to explode.

The video captures the solitary nature of the artist in stark red and blue hues:

It is a gorgeous, heart rending song. According to Chadwick, she has a lack of attachment to the idea of “the perfect vocal take.” She says she knows she isn’t a virtuoso; tongue firmly in check, she is quick to reference those limitations mockingly. I beg to differ. Her voice is a perfect – a fitting accompaniment to the lyrics and the deeply expressed emotions.

Chadwick hails from New Zealand but is now based in Melbourne and formerly fronted goth band Batrider. “Sugar Still Melts in the Rain’ is her second album following the release of her debut, ‘Rice is Nice’ in 2016. She is an multi-istrentalist and if that wasn’t enough talent, also a visual artist.

The video was directed by friend, musician and filmmaker, Geoffrey O’Connor who was also involved in the recording.

You can preorder the album on digital or physical platforms. The tracks are:

1 – Flow Over Me
2 – It’s Never OK
3 – Bauble On A Chain
4 – Five Months
5 – Waiting On A Season
6 – Wind Wool
7 – I Won’t Say Goodbye
8 – Sugar Still Melts In The Rain
9 – Dance Slowly
10 – Felt My Heart
11 – Become Foam
12 – Lost Overwhelmed And Unsafe

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