Track: Freak Power – Hear My Call

Yes, it is. That Freak Power – of Turn On, Turn In, Cop Out fame (amongst others) are back for their first new music since 1999. It comes in the form of a new EP, United State, out on HipKit Records, impacting (I hate that word, but i’ll run with it for now) on 27th April. As expected Ashley Slater heads up the crew on vocals and trombone along with a mix of new and old – the originals being the legendary Dale Davis on bass (Amy Winehouse, Paul Young, Tina Turner); Tony Remy (Herbie Hancock, Anni Lennox) on guitar and Kate Cameron on backing vocals; as well as some new faces and voices, including Scarlett Quinn (Kitten and The Hip) on backing vocals, Carly Bryant (Os Mutantes) on keys, and “Jim Carmichael The 3rd from Detroit Michigan lookalike” Adam Bushell on drums.

He’s thrown together something rather good as well, with a mix of screamadelica Primal Scream with its soulful, slacker, vocal heavy slacker indie, a generous helping of acid house bassline and big synths. It this doesn’t make your day better, nothing will. We’re hearing it Freak Power


Look out for remixes from Mark Lower, Prosper and Stabfinger and Boogie Vice, coming soon.


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