Review: Polish Club drop new album ‘Now We’re Cookin’ in Hell’

Polish Club

The Breakdown

Polish Club's new album is a rollicking barrel of fun with some wry humour and acute social observations that'll make you want to party like there's no tomorrow.
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Polish Club the dynamic and definitely the sweatiest band in Sydney have today released their new album, ‘Now We’re Cookin’ in Hell’.

The band has been pretty prolific as this album is a follow up to ‘Now We’re Cookin‘ which was released less than a year ago. Polish Club decided to adopt a more laid-back, zen like approach to producing that album, which got their creative juices flowing.

“We knew as soon as we got Now We’re Cookin’ out the door, perhaps even before it, that we were immediately going to go back and revisit our favourite, more rockier tracks from those sessions. They were songs that were rejected by our label for the album, but we didn’t want to let them die. Revisiting them with a full four-piece live band really proved to ourselves that we made the right choice in sticking with them.”

David Novak

The band, made up of David Novak, John-Henry Pajak, Wade Keighran and recent live band member Dan Cunningham assembled at Marrickville’s Golden Retriever in Sydney’s Inner West around November 2021 to record ‘Now We’re Cookin’ in Hell’. Keighran produced and mixed the album and it was engineered by Nick Franklin.

The first two tracks on the album, ‘Boys On Vacation’ and ‘Bad Vibrations‘ were released as a double A sided single in April 2022. That release saw Polish Club at their rocking, ass kicking best, taking no prisoners as they delivered an acerbic commentary on the political landscape in Australia, with Novak infamously quipping “Is it Hell or Kirribilli?”

On the next tracks, ‘Unstable’ and ‘David’s Inferno’ Polish Club deliver irresistible riffs and intoxicating beats aplenty and promises of good times to be had by all.

‘Time Crisis II’ is the first of two songs that represent a brief, more poppy interlude on the album. ‘Like It Like That’ is in similar vein, proving that Polish Club, despite being known for their driving rock have a multicoloured and diverse palette.

‘Get It Right’ has the band powering ahead with a song that is the Strokes meets the Killers in Marrickville and is the standout track on the album. Polish Club really got it right on this track it’s a manic mix of jangling guitars and thumping drums that demands to be played at full volume. It’s on my list of best singles of 2022.

‘End Of The World’ is rollicking fun despite the heavy subject matter – typical of Polish Club it’s a delectable rock confection with dark undertones.

Polish Club have the knack of melding muscular rock with cutting and insightful lyrics that can be lacerating – I am sure that the ex-resident of Kirribilli House would agree. This album sees them in top form with a total onslaught of guitars, drums and Novak’s powerful vocals, that makes you want to party like there is no tomorrow.

Stream/Dowload ‘Now We’re Really Cookin’ In Hell’ HERE.

Let’s Go!
Boys On Vacation
Bad Vibrations
David’s Inferno
Time Crisis II
Like It Like That
Get It Right
End Of The World

Polish Club
Polish Club live at the Roundhouse, Sydney
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