TRACK: John Cale unveils a new song, ‘Lazy Day’

John Cale, photographed by Nita Scott

WELSH music legend John Cale has returned with a new single and video for Domino, “Lazy Day”; his first outing since his recent collaboration on Kelly Lee Owens’ “Corner of My Sky”. Watch the video with us, below.
“Lazy Day” is a gradual unfolding, with droning organs, skipping interjections, little guitar flurries, an off-kilter melodic drift; over which John sings: “Tie me down / Lazy Day / Tie me down / My lazy day / Shoemaker making shoes without leather / With four elements all together.”

Abby Portner directed the video, in which John is resplendent with pink hair. 

 “I was so ready to finally get my new album out; fits and starts and then damn 2020 happened!” says John.

“[There’s] a lot to say in these times. Context is everything and 140 characters isn’t going to cut it! As a songwriter my truth is all tied-up in and through those songs that must wait a while longer.

“And then it occurred to me that I do have something for the moment, a song I’d recently completed.

“With the world careening out of its orbit I wanted to stop the lurch and enjoy a period where we can take our time and breathe our way back into a calmer world.”

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