From The Vaults: Mark Archer – Arch-ives

The Breakdown

...for those completists out there and lovers of that classic Acid House era sound, This one is a must.

Mark Archer (Altern 8, Nexus 21, Slo Moshun) brings together a collection of tracks released over the past twelve years on various labels. A superb collection of House/Acid/Techno quality, that only a oldskool veteran DJ/Producer could create.

You know the deal, your either in the know, or your not. Over the last couple of decades, at some point, everyone has experienced missing out on that limited EP or compilation (now long since sold out or deleted). But times have changed and with the increase in re-issues of those hard to find gems, we also are seeing an increase in various music platforms allowing artists to cater directly to the fans by releasing collections of works that would have been nearly impossible to track down individually (unless you were willing to part with some significant sums of cash i.e. the 5 Years De:tuned released on five 12″s). So for those completists out there and lovers of that classic Acid House era sound, This one is a must.

Check out the Intro track: 21:41

Arch-ives is a well deserved re-issue of classic vibes. Mark effortlessly combines infectious melodies and shimmering synth riffs over classic TR-808 beats and percussion, while bringing you all the bleeps and bass one could ask for. The whole collection plays like a classic ‘back in the day’ set-list with Laid back groovers, hypnotic 303 trippers and Rave belters. Its no wonder that Mr Archer is held in so high regard within the Dance music scene, his productions have a depth and complexity that raises them up and above their synthetic roots, an artist who has the ability and gift of giving personality to the music, allowing it to connect to the listener and trigger those positive emotions that just make you want to move your body. A solid twenty tracks of pure quality that hark back to the best decade of dance music while sounding as fresh today as ever.

OUT NOW: ARCH-IVES | Mark Archer (

Track List:

  1. 21:41
  2. a1-2, a 1-2.
  3. Amazon
  4. Chuch
  5. Clap That
  6. Cogzy
  7. Correction
  8. Dirty Terry
  9. Dreams & Reality
  10. House In U
  11. P Meister
  12. Pattern 27
  13. Taking It Back To house
  14. The Future
  15. Torsion Acid
  16. Triangle
  17. Tripod + 1
  18. Tuned For The D
  19. Twilo Bite
  20. We Jack The House
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