PREMIERE: Caroline Kingsbury gives ‘Heaven’s Just A Flight’ the remix treatment

In April of last year, Los Angeles-based Caroline Kingsbury released her great debut album Heaven’s Just A Flight (which, by the way, received a belated vinyl pressing in the back half of 2021), and in keeping with the record telling her story of coming out as queer in a religious family, she’s revisited the source material and is dropping this during Pride month, which is very nice of her.

Along with alternate takes on ‘Hero’ and ‘U Take It Back’, Kingsbury hands over three of the album’s key songs for reworkings, and the results are superb, in particular Josh Lumsden‘s flip of ‘Kissing Someone Else’: “I took some of my fan’s favorite songs off the album and either stripped them down or completely flipped the instrumentation to create an entirely new version. After releasing my debut during COVID I wanted to make sure I also included a dance version of ‘Kissing Someone Else’ just in time for Pride 2022.”

Acting as the ‘dreamy echo’ of her debut album, the Remixes From Heaven EP is out tomorrow via Fortune Tellers and you can hear it first with us, below. Whether or not you have dance moves, it’ll make you want to give them your best shot. (Oh, and Kingsbury released a loosie called ‘Strawberry Sheets‘ back in February.)

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