PREMIERE: Amiture rework album highlight ‘Thaw’, share video

Sometimes you’ve just got to gut one of the best songs on your album and completely rework it. Amiture seem to subscribe to that line of thinking, at least. Last year, with Jack Whitescarver as the sole member, the project released its debut album The Beach. ‘Thaw’ originally appeared on that album, but the version we’re premiering today, along with an accompanying music video that plays out like a short film, bears almost no resemblance to the source material.

It’s about three times longer, for one – a twisted, industrial-tinged reimagining that serves as an ideal way to introduce the second official member of Amiture: guitarist Coco Goupil. Of ‘Thaw’s’ radical reworking, Whitescarver says: “[It] happened simultaneously to the development and production of its music video. The original idea started with the original song – but soon both ideas expanded into something larger and darker. I imagined this remix as opening up the original track and seeing how deep we can go psychologically and still dance.”

If you’ve got a spare 10 minutes, it’s worth spending them with the video mix of ‘Thaw’; tune in below. Oh, and in terms of new Amiture music, we’ve been told to expect some before the end of the year, which is a very exciting prospect.

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