New Music: Jeff Mills & Zanza 21 EP – When The Time Is Right

The Breakdown

...Music is most useful at the point when it touches the soul...

Jeff Mills and the Zanza 21 project is a new forthcoming creation that’s been self-constructing for quite some time. Not out in the open and easy to see, but it’s been evolving more in recent months through the imprint “Millsart” album releases and as an accumulation of ideas that are influences of Mills’ affection for Jazz Music as well as his constant appetite to creatively explore. The idea behind Zanza 21 is based on an old theory that “Music is most useful at the point when it touches the soul of the listener, until then, its just sound”. So, the main layer in the foundation starts there.

To begin, this is music in which one can live with. It’s “everyday” music. The more you listen, the more you connect to it. It’s music for anytime, anywhere and for any reason. A large part of this connection is based on comfort and how easy it is to understand so for this, the music had to have a certain level of clarity and organization. Second, playing instruments can have “human connection” qualities that are often misunderstood and overlooked, so the basis of Zanza 21 was to create music in a soloist mindset to demonstrate intent, not as a matter of coincidence. These are melodies and rhythms from the mind of the composer, not the machine.

And third and most importantly, this music was created with the design in mind that it should connect to those who love music unconditionally.

In these first releases, all acoustic and electronic instruments are programmed and played by Jeff Mills, but an aspect of this project is that Zanza 21 is actually the initial vision for the creation of a live performance band. As this project evolves, so will the step process to materialize such an effort to its full potential.

Starting with this first debut 12” EP release of “When The Time Is Right” b/w “Something Like That”, please consider there is already a large body of existing compositions waiting to be dispensed. A Jeff Mills and The Zanza album is scheduled for early 2022 entitled “When Stars Align”.  Thus, making the revised artist title “Jeff Mills and The Zanza 22”.


When the time is right (Original Mix): An 808 deep house beat with techno percussive sensibilities, push the duet of piano and organ synth lines. Very uplifting, gorgeous melodies, a tune that just builds and builds.

When the time is right (Only for the night): The main riff gets a spacey synth treatment while the organ gets deeper and a more predominant place in the mix. A late night mix of the original with wonderful dreamlike qualities.

Something like that (Moody): Excellent percussive work pushes the track with light melodies and high pads floating above. It has a very organic feel, almost like an improvised Jazz session track. Deep and ‘Moody’

Another Jeff Mills production to track down, I don’t think he ever sleeps.

OUT NOW on Axis Records Jeff Mills and the Zanza 21 – When The Time Is Right | Axis Records

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