After announcing his new album ‘Hey Clockface’ and new single ‘We are All Cowards Now’ via Concord Records. We get the surprise delivery of Elvis Costello’s new track ‘Phonographic Memory’, described as “the exclusive B-Side of the recently released, “We Are All Cowards Now”.

“Phonographic Memory” imagines a post-war ceremony involving an archive recording of the voice of Orson Welles and someone identified only as, “President Swift”. A Snappy flamenco flavoured acoustic provides a backing as the guitarist wanders the fretboard.

Check it out, here

Preorder the album here, read our review of earlier single ‘No Flag’.

‘Hey Clockface tracklisting’

  1. Revolution #49
  2. No Flag
  3. They’re Not Laughing At Me Now
  4. Newspaper Pane
  5. I Do (Zula’s Song)
  6. We Are All Cowards Now
  7. Hey Clockface / How Can You Face Me?
  8. The Whirlwind
  9. Hetty O’Hara Confidential
  10. The Last Confession of Vivian Whip
  11. What Is It That I Need That I Don’t Already Have?
  12. Radio Is Everything
  13. I Can’t Say Her Name
  14. Byline