Track: Didirri releases dreamy single ‘The Critic’ and announces news of EP ‘Sold for Sale’

Australia’s Didirri is a singular and prodigious talent – we have long followed his career in Backseat Mafia, reviewing his earlier singles – layered, melodic and refreshing indie tracks. Didirri has just announced news of an EP – ‘Sold for Sale’ – available on 25 September which will be supported by a series of live-streamed concerts across the world, and, to add to the anticipation, released a new single, ‘The Critic’.

‘The Critic’ has all the hallmarks of what makes Didirri such a compelling artist: hints of melancholia, intelligent and poetic lyrics and lush and velvet instrumentation. It tells the tale of the sort of person who is overly critical:

The act of criticising something can often ruin it. It may seem like the most intelligent move to analyse your every action but make sure you don’t over correct and start to see things beyond what is actually going on.

Love needs to be free of criticism to flourish. You aren’t the expert in your relationship; you are half of the team and half of the problem.

Beautiful and incisive observations that are accompanied by a whimsical video directed by Peter Hume depicting Didirri as a hopeless romantic being injured by the instruments of love:

All too often we ruin something beautiful by naming it or wreck something fragile by touching it.
We can start with the best foot forward and end up on a treadmill, circling in our analysis of love over and over.

It’s not just the thorns that will scratch you, if coddled, love will bleed

There is a beautiful dream-like tone to this song with its majestic chorus:

The single is available to stream/download here.

Didirri will be undertaking a virtual world tour, live streaming concerts at times suitable for differing time zones (a courtesy provided by other Australian artists such as DMA’s and Nick Cave).The concerts will be “pay what you can”, giving fans the opportunity to enjoy for free if they don’t have the means, or they can donate directly to the artist, band, and production crew if they have a little extra money to spare. Tickets are available here for the following dates:

USA // Thursday, SEPT 10
presented by Sofar Sounds

CANADA // Sunday, SEPT 13
5.30 PM PDT + 8.30 PM EDT

UK // Sunday, SEPT 17

EUROPE // Saturday, SEPT 19

AUSTRALIA // Friday, SEPT 25
7.30 PM AEST

Feature Photograph: Gil Gilmore

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