Premiere: Lewis Goldmark exclusively unveils the wistful sepia-tinged video for the gorgeous track ‘In My Room’.

We are suffuse with joy to be able to premiere the new video of the track ‘In Your Room’ from that maestro of yearning indie pop,  Lewis Goldmark.

‘In Your Room’ is themed very much around a nostalgic look at growing up, the track has a sepia inflected sonic tone of reflection and yearning as Liam Judson’s (the man behind Lewis Goldmark) soft velvet tones surf along a bed of rolling, jangling instrumentation. The long instrumental outro spins the listener away into another world: transportative and filled with reverie. Judson says of the inspirations behind the track:

Aptly, the main chord progression dates back to my late-teenage years, from an old abandoned song. Mysteriously the chords came back to me early in the creative process of the album, with the new melody and lyrics almost instantaneously. Soon after, the arrangement concept was cemented after I caught a Roy Ayers song on the radio that provided some sonic inspiration.

The video captures with a joyous intensity the feelings of yearning and desire as Judson sits – in his seventies-flavoured childhood room of course – and reminisces and sings to his younger self.

Fleeting glimpses of childhood obsession adorn the walls and reading material – pictures of Audrey Hepburn, Neil Young and even that colossus of the era, Demis Roussos. Tape decks, glittery fronds and that odd faded sepia tinge that captures that era interweave shots of Judson singing and breaking into little muted dance moves.

The outro captures the dreamy blurry images of the past with Judson fading in and out as memories do, with his final knowing glance at the watcher. It’s gloriously melancholic and yet infused with a sense of self-awareness and humour.

Lewis Goldmark is the project of Liam Judson from Belles Will Ring (and Magnetic Heads) and producer of many eminent bands, some of whom have graced our pages in the past including Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Imperial Broads, Cloud Control and The Lovetones. Over the past 12 months he has been drip feeding us with a series of the most brilliant singles infused by a sixties sheen and a blinding melodic sparkle, culminating in the the album entitled ‘Cut And Flash’ via Broken Stone Records/Remote Control Records. A standout release of the year for me so far (read my review here):

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