EP: Cate Le Bon & Group Listening – Here it comes again

Following up on the success of her 2019 Mercury Prize nominated album Reward, Cate Le Bon alongside ambient duo Group Listening (aka fellow Creative souls Sweet Baboo and Paul Jones) have reimagined five tracks from Reward for an EP, Here it Comes Again, out now via Mexican Summer on 12” vinyl and digitally. Of the release Cate says,“These are insular re-workings/deconstructions with the musicians whose albums kept me company during the writing of Reward”.

Opening The Light transforms from its folk indie roots, instead becoming a little vignette of itself, woodwinds and descending pianos taking on fragments of the original melody and making it something much more earthy. The title track’s transformation is vivid, moving to an acoustic folk track, freer and looser in its feel, with Ed Dowie’s plaintive vocal striking a completely different chord than its parent.

Sad Nudes becomes an ambient instrumental, based largely around the originals five note piano figure, but transformed and transfixing as it moves inexorably forwards. Similarly the 70s soundtrack feel of Miami is swapped for more ambient electronics, sweeping and blurring lines rather than it brass heavy alter-ego, while the EP closes swaps the off kilter and jittery for a cleaner krautrock workout in Magnificent Creatures.

The perfect companion piece to Reward for those needing their Cate Le Bon fix. Check it out, here

Next Track: Moby - Power is Taken (Felguk Remix)

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