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So, how do I feel about my shoes. They make me feel awkward and plain. Well, maybe not my shoes, I was just including The Smiths lyrics because, well, I can (it’s from accept yourself) But I do hate looking at myself in just about any sort of visual media. Sometimes we shoot some video of my children, and I am almost exclusively both mute, and looking away from the camera. I actively avoid being photographed, and when I am I always feel, well, awkward and plain. Maybe I could get the job of one of Morrissey‘s shoes.

Portsmouth‘s Forest Floors are Jamie Ski, Thomas Clements, Ryan Wilson and Aaron Grubb. They’re clearly not as shy as me in front of the camera and have recently released a video of the track Seeing Red. It shows exactly what I would have hated – fooling around, playing to the camera, speaking (youngsters today, eh) and do you know whats slightly galling about the whole thing? They’re not bothered. In fact, they’re positively enjoying themselves.

The track itself is a rip-roaring (Another phrase I’ve been dying to use) piece of Indie-Rock, Britpop even. It’s soars and pushes and swells and is empty. Most of all its packed with great Oasis like hooks and attitude. In fact, nothing at all in any of this strikes me as awkward and plain. Except the writer.

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