News: Lowly Light Returns With ‘Cosmic Hearts’

Lowly Light returns with his first single of 2023 titled ‘Cosmic Hearts’, scheduled for release on July 28. The track offers a captivating blend of synths, combining gritty vocoder with a sweet guitar riff, mellow keys, and glittery pads layered over a pumping four-to-the-floor drum pattern, characteristic of nu-disco. The groovy bass line adds an effortlessly catchy element to the energetic composition. Soulful vocals from C. Jolene Melton beautifully complement the overall vibe, delivering a commanding performance with a memorable melody.

Speaking about the new release, Lowly Light describes ‘Cosmic Hearts’ as a song about yearning for someone’s love and attention, visualizing oneself as a singular object in space, pulling in the desired affection of another. Inspired by the idea of pulsating hearts moving through space like orbiting comets, the track takes listeners on a cosmic journey of longing and desire.

Formerly rooted in indie-rock, Lowly Light transitioned to embrace dance as a genre and combines his love for house and nu-disco with his indie background. Previous tracks like ‘Do You Feel Me’, ‘Candy Lied’, ‘Down the Coast’ and ‘Get Over Yourself’ have garnered attention with their funky, soulful, and disco-infused sound, accumulating streams and gaining recognition on blogs and radio.

Lowly Light, also known as Matt Gorny, has a deep passion for music that began in childhood, and his continuous production of dance-inducing songs reflects his unwavering dedication to the art form. With ‘Cosmic Hearts’, Lowly Light shows no signs of slowing down, promising another hit that will get audiences moving and grooving.

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