Premiere: Up & Coming Rapper 1000 Beasts Teams Up Malaki For Vibing New Single ‘Brigitte Bardot’

Irish rapper 1000 Beasts shares the vibing, bright and inexplicably infectious new single ‘Brigitte Bardot’. We’re very exciting to be running the premiere!

A blend of stylistic hip-hop with elements of soul, pop and even a smatter of jazz within the tracks vibrant horn section, ‘Brigitte Bardot’ captures a shimmering fluorescence and likability. Upbeat and euphoric yet also musically considered, reflective and elegant, the track balances it’s tongue in cheek moments within the tight lyricism with overarching sincerity.

Contrasting the intense, high octane flow with the chilled, understated backing of crunchy beats, layered vocal samples, bopping bass, dappled guitar lines and aforementioned brass, the track manages to capture both a high energy danceability as well as an easy going Sunday afternoon melancholy to create something which can be both depending on what part of the track you hone in on whilst listening.

Speaking about the single, 1000 Beasts says: “I’ve been following Malaki’s work for a while now and was excited about the possibility of collaborating on this album. I sent him a playlist of beats I was working on and we experimented with a few before he came back with the idea for Brigitte Bardot. I’ll never forget, we were in a small studio near William Street South when I played the beat and he just spewed off this crazy story about a bad date, burnt pancakes, and cans of Dutch Gold. It was a great moment. Collaborating with a talented storyteller like Malaki has been a unique creative experience. I’ve loved every moment of the process, especially as it offers a fresh direction and new flavor from my previous work, while still fitting seamlessly within the 1000 Beasts discography.” 

Malaki says: “Brigitte Bardot is a story about a date. Which we know can have highs and lows. But more importantly, the song itself is a reminder to myself to not overthink what I release. At the end of the day music is supposed to be expressive and fun and that’s exactly what this song is.

A stellar effort from two hyper-talented creatives, ‘Brigitte Bardot’ is out now:

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