Track: We Are Scientists – I Cut My Own Hair

New York’s indie cult band We Are Scientists are back with a new single, ‘I Cut My Own Hair’ due 22nd May via 100% Records. The track is the first official release since 2018’s Megaplex album.

It arrives at just the right moment, with people in lockdown around the world taking matters into their own hands and attempting a DIY haircut. Singer and Guitarist Keith Murray explains why everyone has a newfound appreciation for his self-barbering skills…

“I’ve been cutting my own hair for years now, so one silver lining of this cloudy life in quarantine is that this behavior, which others used to consider a sign of some flaw in my character, has now become an enviable skill. When I wrote the song last year, I was self-identifying as an outsider. Now, I guess, it’s become more an anthem of unification; everybody is cutting their own hair, like it or not. In a way, it’s pretty nice that the rest of the world — the formerly-professionally-hairdressed majority — has gotten a little closer to knowing the essential, questionably-coiffed Keith Murray.”

Commenting on his own reaction to this, and that of millions of fans, Bassist Chris Cain adds… “I knew about Keith’s home haircuts and I sort of envied him and was sort of disgusted by him at the same time. What a risk to take, I thought. What a cavalier way to treat this wonderful gift life gave you, like driving around with your dog in the flatbed of your pickup truck instead of in the cab. But then the internet people made up this insane challenge — cutting your own hair in just over two minutes while listening to our song… and millions of people did it! Who are these daredevils? But they boxed me in. And I admit: it felt like really living.”

A couple of years being away hasn’t dulled their skill at writing radio friendly brilliantly quirky tunes. Theres funky bass and overdriven melodic riffing. The guitars sound great and the chorus is toe tapping and catchy. Just what you would expect from these talented guys.

Check it out, here

Alongside the release, the band have launched a special new line of merchandise, including the Haircut Hat and the Silver Fox Bandana, both aimed towards those who wish to cover their shame after suffering a bad home hairdo. (view in store here).

In support of the lockdown haircut trend, the appropriately titled new single will also soundtrack CALM’s #BigBuzzOff campaign, raising money for Mental Health Awareness Week. 

Find out more about the band on their Website or Facebook

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