Track: We’re flattened by Holly Hebe’s sparkling ‘Hat Hair’ – another luminescent single from the Naarm/Melbourne chanteuse extraordinaire.

Feature Photograph: Lux Newman

Holly Hebe has produced a series of stunning singles and an EP exemplified by her gossamer silk vocals and air of wistfulness and dreaming. Her new single ‘Hat Hair’ continues in this immersive style with its floating melodies, a touch of humour and air of dreamy melancholia. It’s another perfect slice of airy pop delivered with am ethereal tone that floats in the clear blue skies like a cotton wool cloud.

There is an innocent sense of romanticism and fatalism as she sings (in her bedroom) I think he is the love of my life, safe from reality.

Hebe wrote the track as an anthem to those who are prone to falling hard and fast, and adds it’s also for

…those who sometimes believe that it might be safer to just stay in the comfort of our bedrooms, rather than putting ourselves out there vulnerable to love and heartbreak.

There is an electronic frisson that bubbles throughout and a sprightly canter to yet another delightful piece of dreamy pop from this rising star in the firmament:

‘Hat Hair’ is out today and available to stream and download here.

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