See: Remo Drive Release Video For Track ‘Easy As That’ As They Release Their New Album

Remo Drive sound larger than ever on their highly anticipated new album, ‘A Portrait of an Ugly Man’, which sees its release on Epitaph Records. With its acrobatic guitar work, deeply self-referential lyrics and off-the-walls energy, the album calls back to the dextrous, eccentric sound that helped the band – brothers Erik (vocals, guitar) and Stephen (bass) Paulson – explode into the underground with their 2017 debut. Self-produced and mixed, ‘A Portrait of an Ugly Man’ took shape in their parent’s basement in Minnesota, the space breathed a looseness into the songs, while the freedom of the sessions left the band able to explore the next evolution of their sound.

After sharing Star Worship, Ode To Joy 2 and A Flower And A Weed they release the video for the albums last track ‘Easy As That’ in celebration.

Pounding drums and guitars just on the clean side of dirty Erik’s voice is again stealing the show. It’s no secret I’m a big fan and who can blame me. These boys know whats important when it comes to songwriting. The guitar playing suits the song theres no showing off with a bunch of un-required notes. It’s all thought out and well placed. As with the drumming with all the fills working towards making this song another cracker.

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A Portrait of an Ugly Man Track Listing:
1 – A Guide To Live By
2 – Star Worship
3 – Dead Man
4 – If I’ve Ever Looked Too Deep In Thought
5 – The Ugly Man Sings
6 – True Romance Lives
7 – Ode to Joy 2
8 – The Night I Kidnapped Remo Drive
9 – A Flower and a Weed
10 – Easy as That

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