Track: Blood Red Shoes release ‘Blood Red Shoes’ + Tour, with UK dates.

“You might not even wake up tomorrow, so you might as well experience everything right f##king now.” Apparently this is the new dictum that Blood Red Shoes are living to. By their own admission they have spent far too much time focusing on negative elements and are adopting a more gung-ho approach to life. Not more so than on their latest long player. On March 3rd Laura-Mary Carter  and Steven Ansell  release their fourth album, the eponymously titled ‘Blood Red Shoes’

After the last album, ‘In Time To Voices’, the band felt that the production was a bit too polished and that an edgier more raw sound suited them best. “Everything was so perfect on our third album (‘In Time To Voices’), but we realised that the imperfections are what makes our band – that’s what people like about us,” says singer/guitarist Laura Mary Carter. “For this album we packed up all our stuff, got in a van and drove to Berlin, where we lived for months in a rented studio space,” explains Steve Ansell. “No producer, no engineer, no A&R people, just us two in a big concrete room in Kreuzberg, jamming and recording our songs whenever we wanted, how we wanted with nobody to answer to except ourselves. It came out as our rawest, heaviest, sexiest and most confident sounding record so far”.

The band have taken total control of the album recording and producing it themselves, (with a little help with the mixing from American indie god John Agnello), even the concept for the album’s sleeve is the work of Carter.

A return to basics has left the band feeling even more passionate about their work. “You know like what it felt like when you’re a kid in art class and the teacher goes out and you just throw the paint around?” asks Ansell. “That’s the feeling of freedom that I can hear in the record. It’s really sloppy, and I love that about it.”


You could never accuse Blood Red Shoes of being work shy. Their tours are epic affairs covering as far afield as Indonesia, Russia, Australia and all points in between. They have built up a vast global fan base which has not gone unacknowledged by the band. Their latest single, ‘The Perfect Mess’ was only made available when fans had completed a global treasure hunt.  10 QR codes were placed in 10 cities around the world, and not until all 10 had been discovered did the track become available

Luckily all 10 have been found and we are now gifted with ‘The Perfect Mess’ available via Soundcloud.

‘Blood Red Shoes’ is Blood Red Shoes fourth album and will be released through Jazz Life on 3rd March.

You can pre-order your copy now.

The duo are also embarking on yet another tour – including the UK !

Blood Red Shoes track listing:

1 Welcome Home
2 Everything All At Once
3 An Animal
4 Grey Smoke
5 Far Away
6 The Perfect Mess
7 Behind A Wall
8 Stranger
9 Speech Coma
10 Don’t Get Caught
11 Cigarettes In The Dark
12 Tightwire

Blood Red Shoes are:

Laura-Mary Carter (Vocals and guitar)
Steven Ansell (Vocals and drums)

[authors note: A lot of this article is plagiarized from an earlier article on the same subject. Don’t let it concern you, you’ll soon get over it!]

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