Premiere: AstroYeti Give A Taste Of Upcoming Debut Album On New Single ‘You VooDoo Too (Dude?)’

Having burst onto the psych-funk-rock scene with their debut single ‘Long Road’ AstroYeti are now back once again to showcase their unique funky, spacey, tongue-in-cheek, pshychedelic-rock stylings on the new single ‘You WooDoo Too (Dude?)’. Needless to day, we’re very excited to be running the premiere.

Taken from their upcoming debut album Gnarly Gumlie’s Voodoo Van (due October 31st via Conch Town Records), the Key West, Florida outfit’s new single ‘You Do Voodoo Too (Dude?)’ brings together tight rhythms with layers of bright, choppy guitar, funky bass and splashes of organ to create a track full of fun, energy and flair.

Topped with effortlessly charismatic, 70s tinted lead vocals this joyous sense that the band are loving and enjoying every second of the music is captured perfectly. In fact this sense of enjoyment is what makes AstroYeti’s music such a captivating listen – it’s a hugely entertaining, wildly fun listen with some brilliant ideas and excellent instrumentation, even including an ace harmonica solo to top things off.

Speaking about the new single, songwriter Turner Harrison explains: 

“We set out to capture the feeling of voodoo, and modern mysticism in sound. I asked myself ‘what is the power of voodoo?’ The answer is that it’s a pseudo-science, unprovable, but too dangerous to be wholeheartedly disregarded. People are afraid of it, so they join in; for fear of what might happen if they don’t. It’s something sinful, to be sure, but if we don’t sin, then Jesus died for nothing!”

Accompanied by a brilliantly bizarre and trippy video featuring the bands trademark puppets (which make an appearance across their music videos), the new single ‘You Do Voodoo Too (Dude?)’ is released tomorrow.

Watch the new music video ahead of the full release below:

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