PREMIERE: The Sound of Kalima – ‘Destroy U’: straight outta Vancouver on a mission

COMIN straight atcha from Vancouver, in the Pacific Northwest, Sound of Kalima are buzzing up their hometown; and with their new single they’re hoping to take things a lot, lot further.

They’ve just dropped a new single, “Destroy U”, full of guitar crunch, looming breaks, sassy lyrics . And we’re delighted to be premiering it here today at Backseat Mafia.

The Sound of Kalima is the venture of Pete and Sal, who started making music seven years ago at the University of British Columbia.

Their first project was a punk band named after a vegetable, which they abandoned to produce beats for the Vancouver hip-hop artists. They would soon widen their scope to take in modern R’n’B and rock, the better to plan their assault on the world of music.

Their manifesto reads thus: “Sound of Kalima is a group of musicians based out of Vancouver, BC. With no respect for the limitations of genre, SOK bridges the gap between electronic, hip hop, soul and dance music. Our biggest challenge is to maintain a human feel in electronic music, while creating something that will keep you bobbing your head.”

They add: “Our approach to production goes beyond a simple beat-making approach by encompassing artist development, songwriting, vocal production, promotion, live performances, and more.”

And of today’s single drop? “Destroy U is a song about destroying someone so that they can be better than the monotone problem they are today. 

“The initial idea started with the riff, which was bangin’, so we went from there.”

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