SEE: Cheval Sombre returns with the hazy hush of ‘It’s Not Time’

Chris Porpora, aka Cheval Sombre, photographed by Luz Gallardo

HE’S BEEN away from our ears as a solo artist for what? Crikey it’s actually eight years now, how the egg-timer sands run; but Chris Porpora, who guises up for the world of music as Cheval Sombre, has come ambling in at the absolute final knockings of the year with a leaf-skeleton of absolute delicacy in the shape of “It’s Not Time”, hushed vocals, tremulous acoustics and gentle electronic swirl and texture, courtesy longtime sonic collaborator Sonic Boom.

It’s over too, too soon, but in its short time (and thankfully, it’s replayable again and again and again – and you will) it cradles you gently and takes you somewhere so very still and profound.

Chris says: “Ever know something in your heart before it happens? No one else may see it – but you sense just how things will go?

“Life parades by in all of its drama, but the truth remains timeless, untouched.”

His last solo work was Mad Love, which Sonic Cathedral brought forth unto us back in 2012; his last recorded outing was his collaboration with Galaxie 50 and Luna’s Dean Wareham for Double Feature two years back now.

But 2021 will be a prolific year; he has the full intent to release not one, but two albums, of which “It’s Not Time” is that first, welcoming glimmer of dawn. (Insert further so-deserved superlatives here.)

It seems serendipitous that, with the ‘rona and the lockdown and all, the globe has wound down to Cheval Sombre’s pace just as he enters his most productive phase. There’s a harmony of pacing; we await.

“I’d been working at my own pace on something, well, vast,” he reveals.

“Earlier this year I asked Sonic Cathedral if they’d be up for an audacious release – shooting for the stars, as they say.

“When ‘It’s Not Time’ was chosen as the first hint, it felt like a perfect torchbearer. As always, may it bring sanctuary – a little refuge. Much more to come.”

Keep your eyes very much peeled here and at the wonderful Sonic Cathedral for incoming news.

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